The Great Gatsby mixer

The Designer decided the drinks cart in the hotel needed some Canadiana, so we labeled up some dollar store bottles with these period Canada Dry labels. The label was created in Photoshop, and then I printed it, and made a copy of the first printing, and then made a copy of the second printing. The image then becomes a third generation print, and has a nice natural grain, and blur. I have never achieved the same quality using the tools in Photoshop, it either looks like a crisp, plastic image, or a plastic image with a layer of grainy blur sitting on top of it.

Hello World

My first post with a test image inserted in it.

It’s time to update my little site. I’m not much of a writer, but I want to share the paper props I, and others have made, and this seems like a good way to do it. I’ll be concentrating on getting the gallery up to snuff, and once that is done I’ll try blogging about some of the interesting builds from past, and future shows, and we will see how that goes.